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Daily Office Catering


Make today even better. Let Cupini’s award-winning catering provide you with a freshly and locally prepared lunch. From Pasta to Paninis Cupini’s catering is a refreshing way to enjoy your lunch break. Order today using the code MEATBALL to receive 20% off your first order!

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Easy Online Ordering • Complete with Delivery and Setup

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Wedding Catering

Welcome to Cupini's Wedding Catering

What works out really well for our clients is that they first review the menu and pick out some items that they would like to try for a tasting. From there, we can schedule a free tasting for you and your fiance. At your tasting, we will discuss all the aspects that are involved in full-service catering such as a wedding reception. After understanding all of the details for your event, we will be able to put together a comprehensive estimate with all the notes to give you a very good idea of where you would be at.

We are excited to have you come in for a free tasting and get to know more about your event!


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